How to Use Samsung Galaxy Phone as modem to connect to Internet from PC

Samsung has wide range of Galaxy smartphones starting from Galaxy Star to the latest smartphone Galaxy Note 3. All these phones are running on Android operating system. All the Android smartphones running on Gingerbread or later versions support USB tethering and WiFi tethering feature. WiFi Tethering is nothing sharing the internet connection with other WiFi enabled devices. Similarly USB tethering is sharing the internet connection through USB cable.

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How to use Samsung Galaxy J series smartphone as modem through USB tethering, WiFi hotspot.

In this post, I will show you how to use Samsung Galaxy Smartphones as modem through USB tethering as as through WiFi tethering. This method of using the internet from PC through smartphone works on all the Samsung smartphones running on Android OS such as Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy S advance, Galaxy S duos, Galaxy S Duos 2, Galaxy Y, Galaxy Y duos, Galaxy Core, Galaxy Quattro, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Grand Prime, Galaxy Alpha to name few. Let is start learning on how to use tethering on Samsung Galaxy Phones.

Samsung Galaxy Tethering

Using Samsung Galaxy Smartphones as WiFi Hotspot

As said earlier, Samsung mobiles can be used as modem to connect to internet from PC with WiFi adaptor or WiFi enabled devices. To make to use Samsung mobiles as wireless modem please follow the steps given below.
1. To start with, enable the data connectivity on your phone by Going to setup->More Settings->Mobile Networks and enable Use Packet Data. Do note that, the internet charges from your network provider will be applies.
2.  Now goto  setup->More Settings once again. Tap on to Tethering and Portable hotspot.
3. Move slider to right next to Portable Wi-Fi hotspot. This enable the WiFi hotspot on your Samsung Device.
4. Tap on  Portable Wi-Fi hotspot  to configure the Network SSID and password for your WiFI hotspot.
5. Now your device WiFi network will be accessible from the other WiFi enabled devices using the Network SSID and password you have chosen.

Using Samsung Galaxy Smartphones as Modem using USB

For using Samsung mobiles as modem, you need to install Samsung  Drivers on your PC. Samsung does not provides standalone Driver for mobile. However, you need to install Samsung Kies PC suite to get the required Samsung Drivers. I have already written a post on the same. You can read that for that  from How to download free Samsung Kies PC suite.
1. Once you have installed Samsung Kies, Connect the Samsung mobile to PC via USB cable. It will take few seconds to install and configure the required drivers for your device.
2. Once it is done, follow the 1 and 2 steps mentioned above
3. Enable USB tethering by selecting the check box.
4. Now you will be able to access internet from your PC using your smartphone as modem.

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