How to use Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 as Modem

Samsung Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 are two midrange Android smartphone which offers good features in affordable price.  The AMOLED screen is the additional attraction of these smartphones. Thge majot difference between these two smartphones is screen size. The Android version and UI are identical. In this post, we will learn to use Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 as modem through personal hotspot and USB tethering.

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How to use Samsung Galaxy J5 and  Galaxy J7  as Modem

For using Samsung Galaxy J5 and  Galaxy J7 as modem to connect to internet from PC, Laptop or iPad, there are 3 different methods. The methods are Personal WiFi hotspot, USB tethering and Bluetooth tethering. You can use any of these methods according to your requirement. For using these Samsung Galaxy smartphone as modem, you need to have data plan  for tethering. The charges might apply as per your cellular network provider.

How to use Samsung Galaxy J5 and  Galaxy J7 personal Wi-Fi Hotspot

Samsung Galaxy personal Wi-Fi hotspot is the method through you can share your mobile data to other WiFi enabled devices through mobile hotspot.

  1. First enable the Mobile data.
  2. Now go to Apps->Settings.
  3. Tap on to Tethering and Mobile hotspot.
  4. Now Select Mobile Hotspot.
  5. Here you can enable the WiFi hotspot by moving the slider to right.
  6. You can access your mobile WiFi hotspot from any other wifi enabled devices using the SSID and password you have provided while configuring the Mobile Hotspot.

How to configure Mobile Hotspot/WiFi hotspot in Galaxy J5 and  Galaxy J7

  • Follow the steps till 6 and then tap on to Menu Button(|)

WiFI hotspot password reset

  • Tap configure hotspot.
  • In this page, you an enter or edit the network SSID, password  and security type.
  • Once down tap on to Save.

Video Guide on how to use Galaxy J5 & Galaxy J7 as Wi-Fi Hotspot

How to use USB tethering on Samsung Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7

  • Connect your your device to PC through USB cable.
  • Install the required drivers. If any difficulty in installing the USB the driver for Galaxy J5 or J7, download and install Samsung Kies.
  • Follow the steps 1 to step 4 mentioned above.
  • Enable the USB tethering by moving the the slider right.
  • Your USB connected device will start getting the internet.

How to use Bluetooth tethering on  Samsung Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7

  • First you need to pair your smartphone with device which you want to connect to internet.
  • Then follow the steps 1 to 4.
  • Now enable the Bluetooth Tethering.

These are the different ways of  accessing net from pc through Samsung Galaxy J5, Galaxy J7, Galaxy J2.


Using  Samsung Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 as WiFi hotspot, will drain your battery faster. So use this feature wisely.

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