Excel Tips

There are many situation where we need to calculate the difference between two dates. We can get the no of days by subtracting the one date by one date. However, that gives the total days between these dates in which includes weekly offs and Holidays. To overcome this, excel provides a dedicated function called NETWORKDAYS.The [...]

In excel, we can format the numbers into different formats using the Format option. But sometimes we need to format the number which is a result of another formula. To do this, we can use TEXT formula.  Using this you can format date, time, numbers currency etc. So in this tutorial, we will see how [...]

Excel IF function is one of my favorite function in Excel. It is very useful and very simple to use. It does wonders when you want to create some complicated excel Formulas. You can extend the functionalities of IF function by nesting it or using along with other Excel Functions such as VLOOKUP, AND, OR [...]

Have you seen a excel spreadsheets with + or – symbols which on clicking unhides or hides rows and columns?  You might think that, it is done using Excel VBA. But this is not done by any VBA code. It is a simple grouping features of Excel. It is very useful when you want to display [...]

Type Rupee Symbol in Excel 2010

Ever since the introduction of Rupee symbol, usage is also increased. When we type, we would like to use Rupee symbol rather than Rs. I have already made a tutorial on how to type rupee symbol in keyboard windows. That post is useful if you want to write rupee symbol in MS word or blogging platforms such [...]

It is a useful concept which saves you a lot of time when you are working with multiple formulas in bigger data range.  The Dynamic named Ranges means the range that isn’t fixed and it can be increased or decreased automatically as per the size of the data. This can be achieved using named ranges [...]

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