Excel Tip To Calculate The Number of Work Days Between Two Dates

There are many situation where we need to calculate the difference between two dates. We can get the no of days by subtracting the one date by one date. However, that gives the total days between these dates in which includes weekly offs and Holidays. To overcome this, excel provides a dedicated function called NETWORKDAYS.
The Excel NETWORKDAYS function calculates the difference between two dates excluding weekend days(Saturday and Sunday).  You can even provide the list of holidays in between the two dates two excludes that many days. The holidays are different for different regions. So excel by default will not be able find which dates are Holidays. Because of this we need to give list of Holidays to get the exact working days excluding holidays and weekly offs.
The Syntax of NETWORKDAYS Excel Function
=NETWORKDAYS(Start_Date, End Date,[holidays])
Start Date is the starting date and End Date is the closing Date or Finishing date.
Holidays is the the range which contains the dates which falls under Holiday

Example for NETWORKDAYS Function
Let us take example in which we have 01-July-2013  in  Cell A1 and 31-July-2013 in cell B1. And the list of Holidays are kept in the range D1:D3. The formula to calculate the exact working days between these two days as mentioned below.
=NETWORKDAYS(A1,B1,D1:D2) which gives result as 21. We have total 31 days between these days. In that we have 8 weekly offs and two Holidays. So the formula gives 31-8-2=21.

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