Excel Tips

Checkbox in excel is a very handy tool for creating the checklist or simple user forms. There is no need of any Excel VBA knowledge to insert Checkbox into a excel sheet. This is increase the speed at which user enters data as well as it reduces the chances of misspellings which will give trouble [...]

There are many situation where we need to find the maximum and minimum in a range. Like many other worksheet functions, finding the maximum and minimum also there is a direct functions available. Let us have a quick look into the maximum and minimum excel worksheet functions.Finding Maximum in a range using the Excel worksheet [...]

We already learned on how to use VLOOKUP in Excel.  In my earlier different posts, i have shown, the different ways you can use vlookup functions. This post is the summarisation all the things which we have already discussed. VLOOKUP in Excel Tips and Tricks Here is the list of few VLOOKUP in Excel tips [...]

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