In excel there are situations where we need to find last row of an sheet. This can achieved by defining a variable and assigning the last row value to the variable and using offset property to find the last row.Method 1: Declaring the variable and assigning the last row to the variable.Eg:Dim FinRow   ‘Finrow [...]

In excel adding a range with one condition can be done with conditional formula called sumif. The conditional sum worksheet function  sumif adds the specified range based on the criteria. The sumif conditional sum accepts only one criteria. If you want to perform sum based on multiple criteria, then you need to use multi conditional [...]

Multi condition sum in excel

In our daily work in excel, there are situations,  which requires summing of range based on multiple conditions. In this scenario, multi conditional sum  formula of excel comes useful. Starting Excel 2007, we have a direct excel formula for multi conditional sum. The excel versions prior to 2007, we can use sumproduct excel function. SUMIFS [...]

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