Take screenshot on RealMe 3

RealMe 3 runs on latest Color OS 6.0 which is based on Android Pie. Color OS 6.0 has lot of customisations and useful functions. In this post, we will cover two different ways to take screenshot on RealMe 3.

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Take screenshot on RealMe 3

Method 1: Take screenshot in Oppo RealMe 3 using hardware buttons.

  • Navigate to the screen on which you want to capture screenshot in RealMe 3.
  • Press and hold power and volume down button simultaneously.
  • Screenshot will be captured.

Method 2: Take screenshot in RealMe 3 using 3 finger swipe gesture

Take screenshot in RealMe 3
  • First ensure three finger swipe gesture in RealMe 3 is enabled. For that,
    • Go to settings->Settings -> Convenience Aid ->Gesture & Motion.
    • Ensure 3-finger screenshot is enabled.
  • To capture a screenshot in RealMe 3, browse to the page on which you want to do print screen.
  • Swipe on the screen with three fingers.
  • Screenshot will be captured.

Take scroll screenshot in RealMe 3

  • Take screenshot using any of the above mentioned methods.
  • In the screenshot preview screen, tap on Long screenshot.
  • It will take screenshot by scrolling the screen until you interrupt it or it reaches end of the screen.

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