Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Review- Pros and Cons

When it comes to sub 10k smartphone segment, Xiaomi smartphones are the front-runners. The smartphones like Redmi 5A, Redmi 4A, Redmi Note 4 all were well received by the customers. Xiaomi Redmi Y1 is the new entrant in the segment with the main focus on Selfie enthusiasts. Here is the Xiaomi Redmi Y1 review based on pros and cons.

Xiaomi Redmi Y1 ReviewXiaomi Redmi Y1

 Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Review- Pros and Cons

We will be splitting the review into two parts namely pros or advantages and cons or disadvantages.  Let’s start pros or good things about the Redmi Y1.

Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Pros

  • Dedicated microSD card slot:  As more and more smartphones started coming with the metal unibody design, dedicated sim card slot became a rarity.  On a positive note, Redmi Y1 does features dedicated microSD card.
  • Decent display panel: Redmi Y1 sports 5.5 inch 720p IPS LCD screen with around 269 PPI pixel density.  The display viewing angles, saturation levels, and sunlight legibility were decent.  For the price, the display provides the justice according to us.
  • Performance:  Redmi Y1 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 SoC with 3GB of RAM and Adreno 505. The day to day uses like opening apps, switching between the apps were smooth. Gaming on this device is decent for the most part. Having said that, opening heavy gaming takes a while and animations were not smooth.
  • Cellular call quality and network reception: In our testing period, We were happy with call quality and signal reception of Redmi Y1.

Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Cons

Here are the things which we felt as cons of Redmi Y1.

  • Battery life: Redmi Y1 comes with 3080 mAh battery.  Compared to other Redmi phones like Redmi 4, 4A or Note 4, battery life is less.  It easily lasts a for a working day. However, it is not up to the standards of other Redmi phones.
  • Selfie camera: 16MP f/2.0 wide-angle front camera with selfie flash on Redmi Y1 suppose to take good selfies. However, in our usage, we were disappointed. Especially in the low light, it struggles in focusing and noise level were on the higher side.
  • Design: Redmi Y1 comes with the plastic body with the metallic finish.  For the price, we feel it would have been great if it had metal unibody.

Redmi Y1 will be competing with the likes of Redmi Note 4, Zenfone 4 Selfie and Lenovo K6 power.  To summarize  Xiaomi Redmi Y1 review, it is a decent phone for the price. But it slightly disappoints in battery and camera segments.

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  • shubham bhardwaj Jan 10, 2018, 4:37 pm

    Very nice article.
    Redmi Y1 is really a good phone.

  • Ravi Kumar Jan 19, 2018, 5:18 am

    Redmi Y1 is a good phone in its price.but the design is not too good.anyway thank u for writing.

  • Manish Jan 24, 2018, 1:20 pm

    Best Phone under 10k, with lots of awesome features.

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