Samsung Galaxy M20 Tips and Tricks

Here is the list of simple, basic yet useful Samsung Galaxy M20 Tips and Tricks.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Tips and Tricks

Time needed: 1 minute.

Let us get started with Galaxy M20 Tips and Tricks

  1. Hide or Unhide Notch in Galaxy M20

    To hide notch in Galaxy M20, go to Settings->Display->Full screen apps. Then Enable Hide camera option by moving the slider to right. This will hide the notch by darkening the top of the screen and show all apps and content below the camera. Disabling the Hide Camera option will unhide the notch.

  2. Auto call recording

    If you want turn on auto call recording, go to call setting. You can go to call settings by opening the dialer and tap Options(three vertical dots in the top right corner). Now go to Settings. Slide down and find Record calls option. Enable Auto record calls.

  3. Identify spam and scam callers

    If you want to see the names and profile pictures of callers and message senders who aren’t in your contact, then this feature may help. This is done using pre installed Hiya app. To enable this feature, go to CALL SETTINGS->Caller ID and spam protection. Turn on the service. It will show the terms and conditions. If you agree with that, you can use the service.

  4. Enable or Disable VoLTE in 2nd SIM

    By default VoLTE is enabled for 2nd SIM. For some reason, if you want to disable VoLTE on 2nd SIM, go to Settings->Connections->Mobile networks. Now enable or disable VoLTE on 2nd SIM by tapping on VoLTE calls SIM 2.

  5. Type Indian Languages

    If you want to type in Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil etc, in message and whatsapp then follow the steps given below.
    1. Go to Settings->General management->Language and input.
    2. Tap on On-screen keyboard.
    3. Then go to Samsung Keyboard->Languages and types.
    4. Now tap on manage input languages.
    5. Enable the language which you want to use.
    6. Whenever you want to type, in the keyboard swipe left or right on space bar to navigate between the languages.

In this post, we tried to cover the Samsung Galaxy M20 Tips and Tricks which can be done using the pre installed apps or inbuilt features. There are other ways to achieve the same thing by installing some third party apps.

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