OnePlus 6T Cons – Top 5 missing Features

OnePlus 6T is one of the much-awaited smartphones of 2018. It has most of the best features of its predecessor and has some additions. However, there are few disappointments as well. High expectations set by OnePlus smartphones lead to these disappointments on this device. Here are such OnePlus 6T cons based on missing features.

OnePlus 6T Cons

OnePlus 6T Cons – Top 5 missing features

1. No 3.5mm headphone jack

One of the useful features which were available on OnePlus 6 and not available on OnePlus 6T is a 3.5mm headphone jack. This Pushes the users to buy an adapter or buy the new headphone or earphones.

2. Missing wireless charging

It was expected that the latest smartphone will come with wireless charging options. Though OnePlus 6T still has one of the fastest charging technology, having wireless charging provides additional convenience. It is one of the common features of current flagship smartphones.

3. Same camera hardware

OnePlus 6T comes with the same hardware when it comes to camera sensors and optical. There are few added software enhancements which will be coming to OnePlus 6 as well in the coming days. We expected an upgrade in the camera hardware department.

4. In display Finger display is not as fast as a regular fingerprint scanner

In display fingerprint scanner is the latest technology. However, it is still in the developing stage. It is not as fast as a regular fingerprint scanner which we saw in OnePlus 6. Also, one minor issue is screen becomes full bright when in display fingerprint scanner is used. This is not great if you are using in the night times.

5. No changes in the SoC or display resolution

OnePlus 6T has the same SoC and screen resolution compared to its predecessor. Now the base variant comes with 128GB of storage instead of 64GB.

Our call on OnePlus 6T: If you already have OnePlus 6, it is not advisable to upgrade. However, if you have older phones, then it is good to upgrade. As the new phone has a bigger battery, higher screen real estate due to smaller notch and more importantly higher internal storage at the same price are the key reasons to upgrade.

These OnePlus 6T cons are based on our observation by looking into the specifications. We will be making a detailed review with pros and cons once we get the device.

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  • Abhijit Nov 10, 2018, 5:28 am

    Nice review. You have made me aware of features I did not know existed or if I should ever look for. It is like knowing body muscles that I new knew existed.

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