How to improve iPhone 7 battery life

The iphone 7 and 7 Plus has greater batteries than iPhone 6 with about one-hour plus, yet despite everything they keep running into the exemplary issue: after some time, their batteries degrade with time, making it to barely last you throughout the day. Here are nine guides and tips to enhance your battery life, both through hardware and software programming.

iPhone 7 Battery lifeHardware fixes for iPhone 7 Battery issue

There are a lot of battery-life-expanding accessories available in the market, which can permit you to get a great deal more battery life without turning off important features on your iPhone.

1. Utilize a power bank for on-the-go charging

Another great choice for anybody searching for additional power is a convenient charger or power bank. By using this method, you don’t get any extra bulk on your phone as you would with a battery case.
You can get an entire scope of various power banks for this, from thin ones the size of a Visa card to whoppers that can power your iPhone for a considerable length of time at once. Powerbanks can be purchased from Groupon.

2. Get an iPhone 7 battery case

Need to know the simplest approach to developing your iPhone 7’s battery life? Simply get a case with an incorporated power bank; a battery case. These cases are somewhat bulkier than cases without batteries (no curve balls there). However they can utilize that bulk to give more prominent security to your phone.

3. Power on your PC to charge iPhone

Ensure that your PC is connected to power source and power on when you are charging your iPhone 7 using the USB cable. If the PC is off, hibernated or standby mode, your iPhone’s battery may drain.

4. Remove battery case while charging

Remember that charging your iPhone have it at the back of your mind that the case may produce overabundance warm and therefore influence the battery life. Subsequently, it is encouraged to remove the case while charging.

Software Programming fixes for better iPhone 7 battery life

These product fixes will trade off some of the ‘iPhone encounters,’ yet are not difficult to attempt and does not require much of your time. Every one of them is reversible, so experiment it and see what works for you.

Continuously stay up with the latest software

Always be sure that your iPhone 7 is running the most recent form of iOS. To bring updates on your gadgets manually, just click on your Settings>> General>> Software update. If you see an available update, simply connect your phone to a power source, make sure that it on a steady Wi-Fi connection and update your phone using the wi-fi connection. On the other hand, plug your iPhone to the PC and update using the most recent version of iTunes.

5. Discover what’s draining your battery the most

Did you know there’s a Battery Usage screen in Settings, which reports which applications have utilized the most battery life? To arrive, go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. You’ll have the capacity to see which applications have utilized the most battery for the last 24 hours and also the past three days. Consider uninstalling applications that take a lot of battery but the app must be the one you don’t regularly use before uninstall it.

6. Turn off background data refresh

Applications will regularly ask for the capacity to run in the background, downloading messages and invigorating information with the goal that you don’t need to hold up once you begin the application. Be that as it may, for applications that you don’t use much or by any means, the greater part of this data exchange can deplete a lot of battery life. Look at the rundown at Settings > General > Background App Refresh, and separate the greater part of your little-used applications from it by tapping on the green switch on the right-hand side.

7.  Turn off location services

Another approach to enhance your battery life marginally is to prevent applications from tracking your location area. Apple gives fine-grained control to this under Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Deny location area access for applications totally, or just permit location area access only when you’re using the application. Trimming the rundown of applications that are permitted to get your location area ought to spare a bit of battery life.

8. Enable Airplane mode

One of the greatest depletes on your iPhone’s battery are its data networks and WiFi. You can turn on the Airplane mode to turn off both of these, despite the fact that obviously, it implies that people won’t have the capacity to get in touch with you amid these circumstances. You can likewise make littler strides like incapacitating 4G and 3G data network in case you’re not using it, but always remember that if your telephone’s screen is on longer waiting for pages to load, you may wind up using more battery life than you save!

9. Turn on Battery Saving Mode

Typically you’re prompted to enable battery saving mode at 20% battery; however, you can turn it on whenever you like. In situations that you realize that you will be without a charger for quite a while, it merits turning it on instantly. Visit Settings – > Battery to empower the mode, and see more battery saving tips.
To turn it on manually, go to Settings>> Battery.
This feature does a considerable measure of things to spare power on your iPhone, as it reduces the phone brightness, upgrades your phone’s execution and minimizes framework animations. Applications like Mail won’t download content, and different elements, for example, AirDrop, iCloud sync, and Continuity will be handicapped, in spite of the fact that you can use other key components like calls, messages, and access the internet. Once your phone is charged, the low power mode switches off itself automatically.

Other valuable tips

Turn off features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G when not in use to save energy.
•    Settings>> Wi-Fi and from there set Wi-Fi to off.
•    Settings>> Bluetooth and move the slider to turn it off.
•    Settings>> Cellular and set the Cellular Data to off.

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