HP Omen Vs ASUS STRIX 2 -Comparison

Gaming laptops are becoming popular in Indian market. There are many options available today when it comes gaming laptops in India. HP Omen and ASUS ROG series are known for gaming laptops. In this post, let us have a quick comparison between HP Omen-dc0106tx Vs ASUS SCAR 2.

HP Omen Vs ASUS STRIX -Comparison


Designwise both HP Omen 15-dc0106tx and ASUS ROG STRIX are attractive. Both with their distinctive theme and solid build quality provide a great feel.

Coming to differences, HP Omen sports most of the ports in the rear side and camera is placed in the top center. ASUS STRIX has most of the ports in the left side and camera is placed in the bottom right. We liked the HP Omen camera placement and comfortable palm rest area of ASUS STRIX.

Processor and GPU

Both HP Omen 15-dc0106tx and ASUS ROG STRIX which we have compared features Intel Core i7 8750H & DDR 4 16GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. HP gaming laptop had 128GB SSD with 1TB hard disc and ASUS ROG had 256GB SSD and 1TB of hard disc.

Starting with booting time to app/game launching was comparatively faster in ASUS ROG STRIX. Apart from that, other performance was more or less equal. Gaming performance, we felt ASUS did slightly better.


Both these gaming laptops feature 15 inch full HD IPS display panel with 144Hz refresh rate. Brightness and Viewing angles were better in ASUS ROG according to us.

HP Omen Vs ASUS STRIX -Comparison Summary

HP Omen 15-dc0106tx advantages over ASUS ROG STRIX

  • Lighter. 2.2 Kg compared to 2.4Kg.
  • Placement of video camera.

ASUS ROG STRIX Advantages over HP Omen 15-dc0106tx

  • Brighter display.
  • Better cooling system and comparatively quite fan.
  • Faster booting and app loading time.
  • Better trackpad and typing experience,

These comparisons are based on our experience with HP Omen and ASUS STRIX. Both have their own pros and cons. Depending on the requirement, one can choose between these two laptops.

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