Excel Tips

Excel templates are very useful whenever we need to do repeated tasks. Excel VBA does it. But Excel VBA is a little hard to learn and implement.Excel templates is nothing but pre defined format. For example if you want to get Agent productivity report in Excel. You have raw reports which has productive hours, non [...]

Looping is used to repeatedly running a set of codes till it completes given condition. The loops are the fundamental component of any programming Language. In Excel VBA too there are many loop constructs. Let us have a close look into basic loop constructs.Basic Loop constructs of Excel VBA:For…..nextDo……WhileDo……UntilWhile……….LoopFor Each……NextFor……Next Loop:This loop is used when there [...]

We sometime look for easy way to remove duplicate  entries from a large table without any filters or complicated formulas. Starting Office 2007, Microsoft added a direct method to remove duplicates from a range.  There is one shortfall in this method which I will describe later. Use mouse or keyboard arrow keys with “Shift” button [...]

After we create a  tables in Excel, we will realize that the columns could be better as rows and vice versa. So in this post we will have a look into excel tip which describes how to rotate tables or swapping columns and rows in Excel. This tip will work on Excel XP, Excel 2003, [...]

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