Excel Basics

Excel inbuilt Average function returns the average(or Mean) of a range of a data. However in many occasions we are required to calculate weighted average. Though Excel do not comes with a straight function to calculate weighted average. This can be done with the use of SUMPRODUCT and SUM functions. Let us start learning about weighted average with [...]

There are situations, where we need to use restricted set of data in a list. When in data entry works are carried out by many people, chances are vast that small errors might occur. To overcome this, we can use drop down list in Excel. This not only restricts the user to enter the correct data also [...]

When we apply a formula in Excel which refers to another range or cell, the cell or range reference can be wither relative or absolute.  The relative cell reference adjusts to its new location when the formula is copies and pasted in to new cell or range. An Absolute cell reference does not changes even [...]

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