Excel Basics

Rounding a number in Excel is very easy. There are situation wherein we need to round a number to closest 10 or 100. For example, if we have a number 115 then 120, if we have 112 then 110. For this there is a dedicated function in Excel called MROUND which comes useful for such [...]

There are many situation where we need to find the maximum and minimum in a range. Like many other worksheet functions, finding the maximum and minimum also there is a direct functions available. Let us have a quick look into the maximum and minimum excel worksheet functions.Finding Maximum in a range using the Excel worksheet [...]

Sometimes when we use a formula in an Excel worksheet it returns error values such as #N/A, #REF! or #DIV/0!. In some situations we want to know whether the formula returns error values. In some scenarios we do not want to show error values. For example when we create a templates in excel with VLOOKUP, [...]

Constructing the formulas sometimes very complicated especially when you use several functions in the same formula or multiple argument for a single function. For this, if you use named ranges or constants which refers to a frequently used value or constant.A ‘Named range’ is a name you assign to a group of related cells. Using [...]

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