Excel Basics

Rounding a number in Excel is very easy. There are situation wherein we need to round a number to closest 10 or 100. For example, if we have a number 115 then 120, if we have 112 then 110. For this there is a dedicated function in Excel called MROUND which comes useful for such [...]

At times, in Excel worksheet the first row(Row 1) or first column(column A) doesnot show up. It is tricky to unhide  the first row or column as there is no easy way to do it. Based on the situation, you need to apply different method to access the first row or column. So here is the quick [...]

In today excel tip let us discuss on how to remove leading space and trailing space in a cell of Excel worksheet.  By default there are three excel functions which are very useful in removing the space in a cell. The Excel function we are going to use cleanup the cell are CLEAN, TRIM and [...]

There are many situation where we need to find the maximum and minimum in a range. Like many other worksheet functions, finding the maximum and minimum also there is a direct functions available. Let us have a quick look into the maximum and minimum excel worksheet functions.Finding Maximum in a range using the Excel worksheet [...]

Sometimes when we use a formula in an Excel worksheet it returns error values such as #N/A, #REF! or #DIV/0!. In some situations we want to know whether the formula returns error values. In some scenarios we do not want to show error values. For example when we create a templates in excel with VLOOKUP, [...]

Constructing the formulas sometimes very complicated especially when you use several functions in the same formula or multiple argument for a single function. For this, if you use named ranges or constants which refers to a frequently used value or constant.A ‘Named range’ is a name you assign to a group of related cells. Using [...]

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