Changing Default File Saving Location in Word

The MS Word by default saves file in My document folder(In Windows 7 just ‘Document’).  Whenever we save a file without choosing the destination folder, Word saves the file in Document. These Document folder has restrictions. Only from the user name it created under that user name ‘Document’ folder has the right to open it. So it is ideal to save a files in a common folder or drive by default  if multiple users are using the file. Also if you are saving the documents in Documents folder, incase of OS reinstall you will lose the data. So it is highly recommended to save your documents in different drive. Unless the documents are confidential. Let us have a look into the same.

Steps to Change default File Saving path in MS Word

  • Go to  ‘Tools’ Menu and select ‘Options’
  • In ‘Options’ dialog box,  click ‘File Location’ Tab.
  • Select the ‘Documents’ option under the ‘File Type’ Section.
  • Select ‘Modify’ button
  • Choose the folder where you need to save your files always.
  • Once done save the changes and restart Word to take place the changes.

Steps to Change default File Saving path in MS Word in Word 2010:

  • Select ‘File’ menu from left top corner.
  • Choose ‘Options’
  • In newly opened dialog box select ‘Save’ Tab.
  • In ‘Default file location’ choose the folder where you need to save the files.
  • Once done Click on ‘Ok’ and restart Word.
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