How to take screenshot on OnePlus 5

You might have just purchased new OnePlus 5 and exploring different features. Did you want to share one of the screens on your new device with your friend and wondering how to do? Here print screen comes in handy. So in this post, let’s try to find the answer to the question how to take screenshot on OnePlus 5?.

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How to take screenshot on OnePlus 5

Though OnePlus 5 runs on near stock Android like UI, it does provide few customization. Here are the 2 different techniques through which you can capture screenshot on OnePlus 5.

Take screenshot on OnePlus 5 using hardware key approach

To capture the screenshot using this method follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the screen on which you want to perform print screen.
  • Press and hold volume down and power keys simultaneously.
  • The screenshot will be captured.
  • You can access recorded screenshots from Gallery folder.

Take screenshot on OnePlus 5 using three finger swipe technique


OnePlus 5 in addition to above method, provides another method. So here the second way of capturing screenshot on OnePlus 5.

  • To use this method, first, you need to enable three finger swipe gesture. For that,
    • Go to Settings->Gesture. Enable Three-finger screenshot.

screenshot on OnePlus 5

  • Now using three fingers swipe down on any screen on which you want to perform print screen.
  • The screenshot will be captured.

How to take long screenshot on OnePlus 5

The above-mentioned techniques capture only the active screens. But if you want to capture the long screenshot, you need to add one more step to the above approach.

  • After you swipe down using three fingers, in the preview page, tap on rectangle icon.
  • It will start scrolling the screen and capture screenshot.
  • Tap on the screen to stop rolling.

These are the basic and simple ways to perform print screen on OnePlus 5. There are few other options using the third party apps. Since many users are interested to know how to take screenshot on OnePlus 5 without using any third party apps, we have provided only these options. If you know any most noteworthy other technique, please share it in the comment section below.

Video guide on how to take a screenshot on OnePlus 5

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