VLOOKUP in Excel

VLOOKUP in Excel is one of the most powerful and useful function which helps to save our time on many occasions. Some of the situations where VLOOKUP comes in handy are fetching data from other tables, matching two different series, creating one list from multiple related lists etc.  This post is not on how to [...]

VLOOKUP in Excel Tips and Tricks

We already learned on how to use VLOOKUP in Excel.  In my earlier different posts, i have shown, the different ways you can use vlookup functions. This post is the summarisation all the things which we have already discussed. VLOOKUP in Excel Tips and Tricks Here is the list of few VLOOKUP in Excel tips [...]

Excel IF function is one of my favorite function in Excel. It is very useful and very simple to use. It does wonders when you want to create some complicated excel Formulas. You can extend the functionalities of IF function by nesting it or using along with other Excel Functions such as VLOOKUP, AND, OR [...]

Multi Conditional lookup in Excel

Have you ever came across a situation wherein you wanted to return a value which matches both row and column?. Vlookup function in Excel returns the value which is matching the row only. In our previous tutorial, we have shown how to perform two column lookup. In this excel tips post, we will guide you [...]