Rotating Tables in Excel

After we create a  tables in Excel, we will realize that the columns could be better as rows and vice versa. So in this post we will have a look into excel tip which describes how to rotate tables or swapping columns and rows in Excel. This tip will work on Excel XP, Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010. Swapping of columns and rows in excel using this method is very simple and it does not changes the data.

How to Swap Row and Column in Excel Sheet

Follow the steps given below, to perform swapping of rows and columns in a range.

Swapping of rows and Columns in Excel

  • Select the area whose column and rows needs to be swapped.
  • Right click the selected area and select “Copy” if you want to create a new table keeping the original or Select “Cut” if you want to entirely replace the Table.
  • Select the cell where the table should be placed.Ensure that area where the we want to insert the Table should be the same as original.
  • Right click on your mouse or keyboard shortcut, select “Paste Special”.
  • A pop up dialogue box appears. Select the option “Transpose” which is places bottom right corner.
  • Select “OK”. Done. Your Table rows and columns swapped.

If you are facing any issue for transposing the rows and columns then, please leave your issue in the comment section below.

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