OnePlus 5T Top 4 New Features

OnePlus 5T  finally official now after numerous leaks and rumors.  Though it is an incremental upgrade over its predecessor OnePlus 5, it offers some interesting new features which OnePlus fans were asking for. So here is the list of OnePlus 5T new Features according to us.

OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T Top 4 New Features

  1. Full Optic AMOLED display screen:  OnePlus 5T comes with 6 inch full HD Plus(1080×2160) AMOLED screen with pixel density of around 401 ppi.  Though it has a larger screen, the overall size of the device remained almost similar to OnePlus 5. Thanks to reduced bezel in the top and bottom and switching to 18:9 ratio screen instead of 16:9.  Finally, OnePlus 5T caught up with the fashion of thin bezel smartphones of 2017.
  2. Face unlock: Face unlock is not something new as a technology. But what makes OnePlus 5T unique is its implementation. It is fast and accurate most of the time. How much it is secured we have yet to be tested. At this point in time, OnePlus 5T has the fastest face unlocking system based on our experience.
  3.  Parallel Apps: This is one feature many of the users expecting from the OnePlus team.   With parallel apps feature, you can run two instances of apps. That means, for example, you can have 2 facebook account, 2 WhatsApp account etc. To enable parallel apps, go to Settings->Apps->Parallel Apps. Now enable whichever app you want to add the 2nd instance.
  4. Fingerprint scanner swipe gestures:  Fingerprint scanner was fast and accurate even on OnePlus 5. However,  lack of swipe gestures or any function to it except unlocking device was bit disappointing.  With OnePlus 5, this is changing.  There is new gesture function added to it. Swipe down to access notification, long press  on camera app to click photos to name few.

These are the few additional features which according to us make OnePlus 5T more consumer attractive.  Though DASH charger, stock Android experience, good camera performance, flagship SoC with up to 8GB of RAM are not new, it still best in class features to look out for.

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  • Binosh Nov 21, 2017, 11:55 am

    Good review, one plus is the most underrated smartphone Brand gives excellent performance

  • Rishit Feb 22, 2018, 6:05 pm

    Good Review! I think oneplus 5t is the best budget flagship smartphone available in the market.

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