OnePlus 3T Pros- 5 Reasons to buy

OnePlus 3T is an improvised version of already popular OnePlus 3. It has slightly better processor, higher storage option and better front facing camera. In this post, let us have a quick look into some of the OnePlus 3T Pros.

OnePlus 3T Pros

OnePlus 3T Pros- 5 Reasons to buy

Dash Charger and Good battery life

Dash charger is a proprietary fast charging technology from OnePlus which charges the device very fast. With little over an hour, it was able to fully charge the device. Compared to OnePlus 3, it provides slightly better battery life as it has 3400 mAh battery compared to 3000 mAh battery.

Good Performance

OnePlus 3T is powered by Snapdragon 821 Soc with 6GB of RAM. Faster SoC, ample RAM coupled with new F2FS file system provides great performance in day to day activities and gaming. The multitasking is excellent.

Near Stock Android experience and Fast updates

OnePlus 3T has near stock Android UI with few useful customisation. It is also worth noting that, so far OnePlus team has done good job in providing faster system updates.

Decent Camera

OnePlus 3T comes with 16MP front and rear camera. Both camera performance is decent. 4K video recording capabilities and OIS are added advantage. Though, the camera performance is not matchable to other flagship smartphones such as Galaxy S7 or Huawei P9, it is not a bad camera at all.


Value for Money

Priced at 29,999 for the 64GB variant, OnePlus 3T offers great value for money. Performance, camera, battery life, design and build quality everything is good for the price.

These are some of the OnePlus 3T pros according to us. Though OnePlus 3T is a good phone, we feel it is not worth to upgrade if you are already have OnePlus 3 as upgrades are incremental. If you are planning to buy smartphone in the price range of Rs.30,000, then it is worth to have a look into this device.



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