Moto G Tips to Extend Battery Life

Motorola Moto G is undoubtedly one of the best value for money smartphone. It has powerful processor, decent 4.5 inch 720p HD IPS display screen and more important it runs on latest Android 4.4.2 Kitkat OS. One of the major complaints which is visible on most of the user reviews on Moto G is its battery life.  The device house 2070 mAh battery which is decent for the price. However it lasts merely one day. So here is quick tips to increase the battery life of Moto.  You can read full review on my previous post Moto G Review.

Moto G

Extend Moto G Battery Life

Moto G Tips to Extend Battery Life

Below mentioned tips will help you to increase the battery life of the Moto G smartphone.

1. Stop apps permanently  using the inbuilt Battery Monitoring Tool

Starting from Android 4.3, Google started providing inbuilt Battery Monitoring tool.  This tool is very useful for knowing the informations such as Remaining battery usage percentage, phone running time, process/apps and amount of battery consumed by them.

It is also useful for stopping apps which are running in the background.  To stop a app which running in the background just follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Launch Battery Monitoring tool by Navigating to Notification section > Tap on Quick Settings > Tap on Battery Logo or Go to settings>-Tap on battery.
  • Now tap on to the app and choose force stop option2.

2. Use battery saving mode for GPS

GPS is very useful feature. But it consumes lot of battery when it is enabled.  In previous Android versions, only option was to disable the GPS.  But in the Android Kitkat, you will get different modes through which you can save your battery.  To access the new GPS features, goto Settings > Tap on Location > Tap on Mode > Go with your option

3. Stop Auto Syncing Option

If you added any email account, Moto G supports auto syncing of App Data, Calender, Contacts, Google Currents, Photos, Google+ Auto Backup, etc. Though it is very useful, enabling all of them on multiple account will drain the battery faster. It is always recommended to sync only with one account with minimum data such as contacts and emails. To change  auto sync options follow below steps.

Settings->Accounts and sync->account name

4.  Disable Google Now’s Auto Voice Detection

Google Now is a great feature. With Android 4.4 , you can activate it by just saying “Ok Google”. If you are using this feature regularly, then it is fine.  If not, then disable this to improve the battery life.  To disable this, follow step mentioned below.

Open Google Now-> Go to settings->Tap on Voice->Disable Hotword detection.

7. Using Battery Saver Apps

There are many battery saver apps available for Moto G. Some are paid and some are free. You can utilize them for more extended battery life.

8.  Miscellaneous tips to extend battery life of Moto G

These are the basic battery saving tips which you might know already. Just to recap, I mentioning once again.

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connection, when not in used.
  • Go for a normal Wallpapers, rather than putting Live Wallpapers.
  • Disable haptic feedback.
  • Put only needed widgets on homepage which don’t require mobile data connection, especially stay away from weather widgets.

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