Free Space by deleting the Windows Old files

If you have installed newer version of Windows or reinstalled the your windows without formatting the drive, then you will notice a folder called Windows.old. This folder contains the files of your previous Windows files. It is very difficult to remove this folder manually. However you can use Windows built in feature called Disc cleanup to remove this folder. Ideally Windows.old folder is not required as it will be transferred to your newer version of Windows. Having said that, have a quick check on this and confirm that you have the data in your required place.
Windows Disc Cleanup utility is also useful for removing temporary files,files in Recycle Bin etc . This will free up your hard disc drive. This will be very useful when you start getting notification on disc full.

Steps to Clean up Windows.Old folder to free the space

1. Go to ‘my computer’ by clicking desktop icon or by start menu. If you  are using Windows 8, then use Windows+E shortcut key to get My computer. 
2. Right click on the drive where you have installed Windows.
3. Click on properties from the menu list.
4. In the General Tab, you will find a icon called Disc cleanup. Click on that.
Disc Cleanup windows
Disc cleanup

5. Click on Clean Up System files.

Windows drive cleaning
Disc Cleanup menu

6. The new Pop up menu comes out. In that select the Previous Windows Installation,Temporary Windows Installation files checkbox. You can even select Windows Update cleanup and Windows Upgrade Log files.
7. Click on Ok to start clean up your temporary data.
8.  It will take few seconds and the Windows.old folder is removed from your disc.

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