Adding Page Numbers in MS Word

We all know that what a time consuming task it is to try to put the unnumbered pages of a long document back in the right  order if they unorganised. Dont let it happen to you, when you create a long documents in MS Word next time. Add page numbers to MS Word documents to make your life easier. It is very simple task. In this MS Word Tips, we will see how to insert page numbers and customise it.

How to Insert Page Numbers in MS Word

Step 1: On the insert Tab, click the Page Number tool in the Header & Footer group. On the list, point to the location where you want the page number to be displayed. You can select header, or footer. Even you can choose the placement, right, left or even center.
Step 2: Click the page-numbering  design you want in the gallery that appears.
Step 3: You can customise  numbering format or the way the pages are numbered in a multisection document. To do this, click Page Number again, and choose Format Page Numbers from the displayed choices.
Step 4: In the page Number Format dialog box, select the numbering format you want.
Step 5: If you have more than one section in the MS word document, specify whether you want the page numbering to be continuous or to restart at the beginning of each section.
Step 6: Click Ok.
Step 7: If you dont like the way the page number looks or the where its positioned, click  Page Numbers, choose Remove Page Numbers and then choose a different numbering format.

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