Rounding a number in Excel is very easy. There are situation wherein we need to round a number to closest 10 or 100. For example, if we have a number 115 then 120, if we have 112 then 110. For this there is a dedicated function in Excel called MROUND which comes useful for such [...]

When we work in excel sheets, we are required to find a matching value in a row and return the Column name. For example, we need to calculate the lowest priced store from the price table of multiple stores for multiple products. Another example can be found at the primary reason for exits from the [...]

Some times in Excel worksheet which we update frequently by adding new data to its columns and we need to reference the last value in a particular column. That is the value most frequently entered. We can achieve this combining two excel worksheet formulas COUNTA and INDEX. The source of this tips is John Walkenbach’s [...]