Advanced Excel Formula

In earlier post, we have seen how to use simple vlookup on Excel, two way lookup comparing row and column  This post will show you how perform lookup comparing two column in Excel.  To perform lookup based on two column can be achieved in two ways. first one by concatenating two columns and the using vlookup [...]

There is a direct Excel formula to count the number of characters in a cell. However, we some times come under a situations where we need to count a specific character in a cell or a occurrence of a substring in a cell.  Here is the steps to achieve these requirements.Counting all the characters in a Cell: To count the number [...]

We have already seen the basic syntax and how to use single criteria SUM in Excel. In this post, we will see how use conditional sum based on difference scenarios. For detailed explanation on SUMIF function please read here. Examples for Using conditional sum Excel Function SUMIF: Below are the some of the Excel example [...]

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