Advanced Excel Formula

In my previous post, we have seen how to use single criteria Excel COUNTIF function. That works great  when you need to count a specific range of cells based on one condition.  Some times, there are situation we are required to count range of cells based on 2 or more conditions.  So let us have [...]

The Excel COUNT and COUNTA formula is useful for the basic counting requirements. However, sometime you need to count a number of cells in a range which meets given criteria. To do this, COUNTIF formula is useful. So COUNTIF formula counts number of cells in a range based on the given criteria.Syntax of  Excel COUNTIF [...]

When we are doing analysis in excel or preparing the reports, we will face situations where we need to calculate the unique entries. There is no direct function in Excel to calculate only non duplicate entries in a Range. However this can be achieved through array functions of Excel. Below is the example through which we will [...]

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